Last modified: July 13, 2019

This is the Privacy Notice of the website AMIE SOTO at, (this “Site“), powered by WordPress at

This Privacy Notice explains the privacy practices for the website and mobile website operated by this Site powered by WordPress. It describes the information collected about you through the Site and how this information is used and shared.

You should read this Privacy Notice thoroughly to fully understand the Site’s privacy practices.

The Information Collected and Used

Information you give to this Site when you subscribe or participate in such an activity that might include newsletter sign-ups, participation in commenting sections and saving articles etc. are collected. The information collected includes information that identifies you personally (whether alone or in combination), such as a name, phone number, home address or email address.

Information through cookies, such as the dates and times you access the site, your device identifier and Internet protocol address, and attributes of your browser, system or device is collected.

The operational provider use technical information collected through cookies and other technologies to analyze site usage activity and patterns in order to help improve the site.

Information is used to communicate with you and to fulfill your requests related to services such as subscription and/or newsletter sign ups.

We use demographic information about you (e.g., age, gender, geographic location) from third parties to serve you more relevant advertising. We use the information we collect to tailor marketing and advertising so that it is more relevant to you.


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